Sizzlers Vegetarian Cookbook | Indian, Chinese, Continental and More - English, Paperback

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Sizzling is all about capturing the flavour of an illusive ingredient-smoke! This miracle is performed in front of you as the sizzler plate is placed on your table. The dining experience thus gets an added dimension beyond taste – it is a dramatic presentation with sound, sparkle and a woosh of smoke that makes you want to laugh with delight!

Sizzlers Vegetarian Cookbook | Indian, Chinese, Continental And More - English (E-Book Also Available)

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In this book I have given you ideas based on Indian, Continental, Chinese and Mexican dishes. They are prepared in advance, and there is usually just one main dish with interesting accompaniments that make it a ‘meal-in-one’ – surely the perfect way to serve food in today’s busy life-style.
Author Nita Mehta
ISBN 9788178693033
Binding Paperback
Weight 90g
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