Zero Oil Recipes Vegetarian - English, Paperback

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Zero Oil does not mean the end of fine food. In fact these adaptations of your favourite recipes create new dishes that taste better than before!

Zero Oil Recipes Vegetarian - English (E-Book Also Available)

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If you can overcome the ‘oil’ mindset, you will soon get used to a new way of cooking. For example, onions turn brown because the sugar in them caramelizes, without the use of a drop of oil. So the base of all your Indian curries – browned onions – remains the same. Similarly, garlic, ginger and tomatoes cook in their own moisture, lose their raw taste and become browned. Non-stick pans allow for dry-roasting techniques that bring out wonderful deep flavours in a way that deep-frying never can. Indian, Chinese, Thai, Continental and even desserts – there is no limit to the range of Zero Oil Cooking, as I have tried to prove to you in these recipes. So here’s wishing you good health and good eating!
Author Nita Mehta
ISBN 9788178691756
Binding Paperback
Manufacturer Snab Publishers
Weight 90g

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