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From Our Blog wishes Happy International Chefs Day!

20, October, 2021

#InternationalChefsDay today, get to know these OGs of Indian culinary scene who put us on the world map! From starting Indian recipe cookbooks on a large scale to the pioneers of cooking TV shows. From reviving traditional Indian cooking methods to brining international foods to India. These OGs have done it all, seen it all, said it all!

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19, October, 2021

At the grocery stores, whether online or offline, it is hard to choose the best possible ingredients from the huge range of brands and products. At Nita Mehta Foods, Chef Nita Mehta and her team has listed only the best products in its category to give a delightful cooking experience Now experience Stress Free shopping at

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18, October, 2021

Super foods are foods which are nutritionally dense and good for one's health. Example: quinoa, blueberries, chia seeds, green tea, broccoli, strawberries, eggs, beans, oats, nuts, micro greens, beetroot etc.

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Want Restaurant style Food at home? Chef Nita Mehta has the solution for this

18, October, 2021

The new normal for consumers is to cook various cuisines at home having the restaurant taste & appeal. This desire is further fuelled in current times (pandemic) and people want to recreate the same textures & flavours at home. Moreover a large section of the market using unbranded ingredients from the unorganized market. There is a need and desire of people to use unadulterated, branded ingredients which they can trust. Most available ingredients lack experience-based formulations which lead to a consumer disconnect.

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Turmeric’s Superpower Takes Over All the Other Spices

13, October, 2021

If you have an Indian origin, probably your grandmother had shown you the secret of her spices whenever you complained about your health. Fell from the swing? Put some haldi on the scratches. Caught a cough while trying out all the flavours of snow cones? No problem, haldi milk comes for the rescue!

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