Extraordinary Benefits of Indian Spices

Indian food follows multiple ayurvedic teachings, by using fresh ingredients and complementing it with spices that help in nourishing the mind and body. Conscious consumption of authentic dishes prepared in India acts as fuel for our body. Generous amounts of spices used in Indian food adds flavour to our appetite and ensures a healthy lifestyle.

Take a look at some of the common spices that are used daily in Indian dishes and their benefits.

Coriander Powder or Seeds

Used as a powder or as whole seeds, it helps to cure osteoporosis, maintain the level of blood sugar, heals infections on our skin and releases abdominal pain.

Red Chilli Powder or Whole Spice

The core component of red chillies is capsaicin that gives a strong taste and health benefits. Used mainly for flavour and colour, red chillies decrease inflammation, protects the heart, aids metabolism, and boosts immunity.

Cumin Powder or Seeds

Cumin is an integral part of tadkas, it is used as a powder or whole seeds. Cumin helps cure anaemia, promotes digestion, helps treat anaemia, prevent diabetes and has many other healing properties.

Turmeric Powder

Along with adding beautiful golden colour to the food, haldi is filled with antioxidants and it improves digestion, lowers cholesterol, reduces inflammation, and boosts immunity. Curcumin is the key element making turmeric a very powerful spice.


Mixed with both sweet dishes and savouries, cinnamon aids in improving insulin sensitivity and in maintaining blood sugar levels. Also, it shields the heart, increases brain function, and releases inflammation,

Black Pepper

Black pepper used powdered, semi crushed, or whole aids digestion helps in weight loss, promotes nutrient absorption, and keeps the heart-healthy. Many use it as a home remedy for common cough and cold.


Apart from offering a pleasant taste, cardamom is beneficial for our metabolism, gastrointestinal health, and heart. Its antimicrobial attributes help us treat infections.


For reaping the maximum benefits of spices and enjoying their healing powers, you have to use them in their purest forms. Many spices that are available in the shops have their natural oil extracted for other purposes. In order to buy the best to get all the nutritional values of the spices, choose spices that are certified and have the natural oils retained.

Spices produced under the brand Nita Mehta, are 100% pure and do not have any chemical preservatives. At all stages of production, spices are passed through a quality check to maintain high standards. Try it yourself to taste exceptional flavours.


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