From Cookbooks to Kitchen Royalty: The Culinary Journey of Anurag Mehta and Chef Nita Mehta's Food Empire

For Anurag Mehta, the path to a food products business was far from an obvious choice, despite being the son of the renowned Chef Nita Mehta. However, a pivotal trip to the Frankfurt Book Fair in 1999 altered his course. At that time, Anurag's mother, Chef Nita Mehta, had gained popularity through her cookery books. Inspired by their visit to the Frankfurt Book Fair, Anurag and his mother decided to establish a publishing house specializing in cookbooks. Leveraging Nita's extensive culinary expertise and Anurag's business acumen, their publishing venture thrived, producing over 600 cookbooks and selling more than 10 million copies.

As the years passed and changing consumer preferences with the rise of the internet and YouTube influenced the decline of interest in traditional cookbooks, Anurag recognized the importance of adapting to changing times. This dynamic duo ventured into the food processing business, initially launching a line of specialized spices under the brand 'Kitchen Queen Nita Mehta.'

The idea for 'Kitchen Queen Nita Mehta' brand was born in 2015 when a spices manufacturing company approached Chef Nita Mehta for an endorsement deal, which she declined due to concerns about product quality. Subsequently, Anurag discussed the concept of launching their own line of spices using Chef Nita Mehta's formulations.

In 2018, 'Kitchen Queen Nita Mehta' Spices were introduced, and over the years, the brand expanded to include a diverse range of products such as pickles, seasonings, besan, honey, noodles, soya chunks, poha, and dalia, among others. Each product is a culmination of Chef Nita Mehta's 40 years of culinary experience and expertise, resulting in the launch of more than 350 different SKUs.

Anurag Mehta, the CEO of Cookflix Pvt Ltd, which manufactures Nita Mehta food products, emphasizes their mission to create an omni-channel brand of food products tailored to millions of homemakers striving for excellence in cooking. Nita Mehta, the Managing Director of Cookflix Pvt Ltd, shares their aim of making a presence in every Indian kitchen in India and abroad.

With ambitious goals, Cookflix Pvt Ltd aspires to achieve a 100-crore turnover in the next two years. To further engage cooking enthusiasts, the mother-son duo has launched a video website,, where individuals can access the latest recipes through cooking videos. All Nita Mehta products can be found on their official website,