Vegetarian Curries (E-Book)

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To most, curry simply means vegetables with gravy, along with a combination of spices. One always thinks a curry to be something oily, rich and hot. We have tried our best to change this concept by reducing oil and chillies and adding flavourful spices. The curries are flavoured with exotic spices like nutmeg (jaiphal), mace (javetri), saffron (kesar), black cardamoms (moti illaichi), green cardamoms (chhoti illaichi), fennel seeds (saunf), cinnamon (dalchini) etc.
The curries are grouped on the basis of their colour – Red, Yellow, Green, White and Brown. Although a green curry will not always be a perfect green, but it will certainly have a hint of green in it. Similarly, a white curry will not be pure white as it will take some colour from the spices added to it.
Author Nita Mehta
ISBN 9788178690414E
Binding E-book
Pages 103
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