Traditional and Innovative Mithai (E-Book)

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In any market place in India, one of the most prominent and popular spots is the shop of the HALWAI. This is where you find freshly made sweets, MITHAI, which are unique to Indian cuisine and are different from
the concept of ‘Dessert’.

Traditional & Innovative Mithai | The All Time Favourite Indian Sweet (English) (Hardcopy Also Available)

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In this book I have given precise and detailed recipes so that even a beginner will have the confidence to try her hand at making something new, with a guarantee of successful, professional results. I have explained some basics about important Mithai-making ingredients and methods, like sugar syrup, from light to heavy: how to test the syrup and what are its uses. Similarly, there are different textures of khoya, for different purposes. I have innovated with a sweet khoya icing piped on Mithai exactly like decorating a cake. I have included a section on Sugar Free Mithai which many of you will appreciate.
Author Nita Mehta
ISBN 9788178693262E
Binding E-book
Pages 130
Manufacturer Snab Publishers

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