Low Calorie Recipes - Vegetarian (E-Book)

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Low Calorie Recipes - Vegetarian (E-Book)
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Yes, now Indian food can be low fat and low calorie. No more boring boiled food or salads when on a diet; the low cal Indian recipes created here will fit easily into your life style! Cooked carefully with the right blend of spices, all vegetables can be made delicious, even if the fat is cut to the minimum. Delicious curries made in a teaspoon of oil using boiled onion paste and yogurt are here to surprise you. The snacks are all steamed or grilled. A few panfried snacks using a teaspoon of oil will satisfy your craving for fried food. The oven, which is the alternate for the Indian tandoor brings out some fascinating quick dishes which will be relished by the Indian palate. The Indian delicacies like kebabs and tikkas are all made the low fat way. And when you are on a low fat diet, you need not completely stay away from desserts. Kulfi made with paneer instead of khoya, will satisfy the sweet tooth without guilt! There is no
need to starve yourself to look good. This cookbook will help you remain slim, healthy and beautiful.
Author Nita Mehta
ISBN 9788178695563E
Binding E-book
Pages 50
Manufacturer Snab Publishers

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