Combination of Chaat Masala Sprinkler and Chilli Flakes Seasoning Sprinkler

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Now your favourite Chaat Masala and Chilli Flakes in a new avtaar!! 

Chaat Masala Sprinkler :-

Ingredients :- Coriander | Turmeric | Pulse | Cumin | Red Chilli | Fenugreek Seeds | Mustard | Black Pepper | | Black Cardamom | Asafoetida | Cloves | Mace | Iodized Salt

Chaat Masala is a spice powder mix of hot & tangy Indian spices. It is used in Indian snacks and fruit salads to spruce up with a pinch. A must use in every Indian Chaat & street food. It is found in every Indian pantry and grocery shops. It is zingy and tangy and adds a boost of flavour to a variety of dishes. The right choice of Chaat masala adds the right zing to the snacks, kebabs, chutneys. The goodness of spices remains intact with innovative packaging. Ready to use Spice mix which has 0% chemical preservatives with 100% real taste. Specially Formulated Spice blends carry 40 years of Chef Nita Mehta's cooking experience and expertise. Continuous focus on excellence in all operations, keeping the parameters of taste, health & hygiene intact. A perfect mix of fresh ground whole (sabut) spices and herbs with natural oils intact - Amchoor, Jeera, Coriander, Ginger powder, Kala namak (black salt), Black pepper, Hing (asafoetida), Red Chilli powder

Chilli Flakes Sprinkler :-

Chilli Flakes/Cayenne Pepper is a spice made from the seeds of plants in the capsicum family. It is not as hot as chilli powder but pretty hot. It is used to provide the heat for many spicy dishes. A mix of selected chillies to sprinkle on top of any snack, perfect accompaniment for pizza and sandwiches. Including marinades, coatings, sprinklers, batter mixes, sauce bases, soup bases, pre-mixes, spices and many more solutions.


BENEFITS:- Health benefits include weight loss, pain relief, improved heart health and lower ulcer risk.

Manufacturer Nita Mehta Foods
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