The Ultimate Beauty Book (E-Book)

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Our grandmothers and even our mothers took time to painstakingly draw resources from every day natural bounties to beautify themselves and us.
Oiling, massaging, exfoliating, all collected to make a hearty statement that proclaimed, ‘Here are the implements so you can preserve a beautiful you forever’. Years document the fact that they are very right. Along with external tools, which could be natural or even out of a bottle, all this was very much needed. Anyone asking for reasons would be told, “You may be
born healthy and beautiful, but the pressures of modern lifestyles, weather, etc. can really do much damage. So protect your skin and mind with the knowledge of beauty care. A thought also intruded within these perceptions and of course later on verified by doctors that diet, exercise
as well as everything else aided one to preserve beauty. The ultimate beauty book aims at covering all aspects of beauty. It is a unique collection of practical suggestions and recipes that works like a beauty encyclopaedia for any one looking for beauty care. Relying on the adage that the universal concept of beauty is radiant hair, skin, eyes, hands and feet as well as the inner confidence with the right attitude, we know our readers will love this book.
Author Nita Mehta
ISBN 9788178694207E
Binding E-book
Pages 96
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