Sizzlers Cookbook (E-Book)

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Sizzling is all about capturing the flavour of an illusive ingredient - smoke! This miracle is performed in front of you as the sizzler plate is placed on your table. The dining experience thus gets an added dimension beyond taste - it is a dramatic presentation with sound, sparkle and a woosh of smoke that makes you want to laugh with delight!
The sizzler is basically a combination of one main dish served with a choice of sauce and an accompaniment. It is a complete meal in itself. Many of your favourite foods can be served in this way, with a little
adaptation, as I have suggested. And on the other hand, many of these sizzlers can be served on a normal platter, without a sizzler plate. When the gathering is large, serve the sizzler dish which includes a main dish, sauce and accompaniments - all in normal dishes and let the guests make their own combinations.

In this book I have given you ideas based on Indian, Continental and Chinese dishes. They are prepared in advance, and there is usually just one main dish with interesting accompaniments that make it a ‘meal-inone’ - surely the perfect way to serve food in today’s busy lifestyle.
Author Nita Mehta
ISBN 9788178694375E
Binding E-book
Pages 48
Manufacturer Snab Publishers
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