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Piri Piri Seasoning Sprinkler

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Piri Piri, also known as Peri Peri is Swahili for Pepper-Pepper, it’s a spicy hot blend of chilli, lemon, herbs and spices that has Portuguese origins and is especially prevalent in Angola, Namibia, Mozambique and South African cuisines, The Taste Sensation interpretation of this classic is a well balanced concentrated blend of the key ingredients being smoked paprika, garlic, black pepper, birds eye chilli and lemon.

BENEFITS :- Peri-Peri is rich in vitamins and minerals — and holds metabolism enhancing and curative properties.

Key Ingredients :- Dried Onion | Tomato Powder | Sweet Smoked Paprika | Dried Red Bell Pepper | Ground Red Bell Pepper | Caster Sugar | Salt | Dried Garlic | Chilli Flakes Dried Chillies | Dried Lemon Peel | Ground Black Pepper | Ground Coriander | Dried Parsley | Dried Oregano

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