Jhatpat Khaana - Vegetarian Meals in Minutes (E-Book)

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Hard pressed for time? Jhatpat Khaana- sounds incredible but it's true.
Now with this book in hand you can prepare delicious and complete vegetarian meals in minutes — the ones you thought would take eternity.
This book is written keeping in mind the modern world of fast paced living. Women are doing double duty — taking care of the home as well as going out to work. The special chapter on meals from leftovers will be of special help for time pressed woman. Quick as well as delightful recipes are the need of the day. It may be a hearty soup with a snack or pastas served with a variety of breads. You could prepare a delicious biryani with plain curd or just a quick curry or vegetable with boiled rice, roti, bread or puri.
Author Nita Mehta
ISBN 9788186004852E
Binding E-book
Pages 103
Manufacturer Snab Publishers
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