Home made Eggless Cookies & Cakes - 100% Vegetarian (E-Book)

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We are so used to thinking of eggs as basic requirements for cakes and cookies that some people can hardly believe you can omit them and still get outstanding and delicious results.
My grand-children had a feast every day with freshly baked cookies and cakes. The aroma of these while they were being baked filled the whole house with happiness. And as soon as the cookies were out of the oven, I had to forcefully tell my little ones to wait for them to cool before the cookies turned crisp. They eyed the cookies with their watering mouths till I could not wait any longer; and I let them eat them even before they should be eaten.

For eggless cakes, apart from baking powder and baking soda, I used white vinegar, butter milk, fizzy bottled soda and cola drinks also. Go ahead and bake these Eggless Cookies and Cakes and bring joy and happiness in the family.
Author Nita Mehta
ISBN 9788178694382E
Binding E-book
Pages 48
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