Best of Non-Vegetarian (E-Book)

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Meat, fish and chicken are excellent sources of quality protein. They also supply appreciable amounts of minerals, calcium, iron and phosphorus and the B complex vitamins. Meat, fish and poultry may be served as soups, appetizers, curries baked dishes and pies.
The recipes include both Indian favourites as well as international delicacies. In the Indian section, I have tried to cover recipes from different regions of the country. The book has Kashmiri Chicken Kalia, Bengali Macher Jhol, Lal Maans of Rajasthan, Fish in Coconut with from South India and many north Indian favourites like Kadhai Murg of Delhi. Flavourful spices bring out the richness of these dishes.
Author Nita Mehta
ISBN 9788178694436E
Binding E-book
Pages 47
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