Corn & Pasta Vegetarian - English, Paperback

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The soft and crunchy corn is incredibly versatile. Buttery in colour, ready to pop up with sweet milky juices, the corn combines successfully with all
foods, as soup, salad, starter or main course ingredient.

Corn & Pasta Vegetarian - English (E-Book Also Available)

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Pasta, from relatively humble beginnings as the Friday night special of
Spaghetti Bolognese (pronounced as bolonia, a city in Italy which I recently visited and had the opportunity to taste delicious pasta), has evolved over the years to the point at which it is now a popular food in India. Many Italian restaurants have cropped up and many different shapes and sizes of pasta are now readily available in the market. The colourful pasta is lovely to look at and certainly delicious to eat when cooked the right way. It is simple and speedy to prepare, inexpensive and an important aspect of a healthy diet. Pasta is high in protein, low in sodium and fat, contains vitamins, iron, minerals and fibre and contains no preservatives. Whether it is simply boiled and served with some cheese and garlic or formed into a more intricate dish, pasta is never boring.
Author Nita Mehta
ISBN 9788186004685
Binding Paperback
Weight 90g
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