Just 100 Calories

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All calories are not the same. Some are healthy calories and some just empty calories which have no use to the body. Sugar and alcohol calories are empty calories. Calories from good foods like grains, fruits & vegetables are healthy calories which supply essential nutrients to the body.

Just 100 Calories - Recipes For Weight Loss - Vegetarian (E-Book Also Available)

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"Just 100 Calories" is the perfect book to help you eat a healthy and balanced diet. It provides a range of practical and delicious calorie-counted recipes, so you can see at a glance exactly how many calories there are in each dish. Excess calories is the main culprit for putting on weight. To help curb over-indulgence, here are some nutritious foods — ranging from veggies to carbs such as rotis and sandwiches. Our book of "just 100 calories" comprises of something to suit every meal, from breakfast, a satisfying lunch of roti and subzi, steamed evening snacks or a light dinner of soup and salad. If you have a sweet tooth, there are some great desserts for you to try. This means you can keep on track with your diet goals without it seeming like a chore.
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