Dadi Maa Ke Nuskhe

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From ancient times our grand mothers have treated us with their home remedies. Whenever we suffered from a cold, a headache or any other sickness, they would run to their kitchen and get a concoction for it instantly. Herbal remedies are the oldest and the most natural form of therapy. They heal gently with no side effects and most of them can be put together with common ingredients found in our kitchen. In today’s modern world, we seem to have forgotten and overlooked this natural and safe method of treatment and keep running to doctors or popping pills which often leads to more complications and side effects.

Dadi Maa Ke Nuskhe - Home Remedies For Common Ailments (E-Book Also Available)

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This handy book, will be useful for every person, who believes in the goodness of foods and herbs. Individual results from the use of remedies, may vary. Out of the remedies given under a particular problem, see what
suits you and try one at a time only. First start with one remedy and follow it for a few days and if it suits you, continue till the problem disappears completely. Repeat it once or twice a week for some more time.
ISBN 9788178694566
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