Favorite Snacks - Vegetarian

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Always garnish your selected plate or platter but be careful not to make it too cluttered by over garnishing it. Often the best approach is to keep it simple.

Favourite Snacks - Vegetarian (E-Book Also Available)

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Snacks play a significant role while entertaining friends or family. This book will help you to prepare a variety of snacks to suit just about everyone’s taste. The recipes that follow will smoothen the way to cooking for formal or informal gatherings, coffee parties, tea time parties or cocktails and will become long term family favourites. Remember, the most delicious food in the world can fail to tempt if it is presented in an unbecoming manner. A greasy or too oily snack is no more appetizing, so make it a habit to remove the fried snack from oil, on a tissue or paper napkin to absorb the excess oil.
ISBN 9788178694542
Binding Paperback
Manufacturer Snab Publishers
Weight 60g

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