Jhatpat Khanna | Meals in Minutes (Vegetarian) (English)

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Cooking in minutes is easy if you are well organised in the kitchen, with a ready stock of those essential ingredients that save time – for example, readymade tomato puree, packaged cream, readymade coconut milk,
evaporated milk, canned or frozen corn and peas. Have family favourites like paneer, mushroom, pastas and boiled potatoes readily available.

Jhatpat Khanna | Meals In Minutes (Vegetarian) (English) (E-Book Also Available)

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In today’s world where a woman has to play so many roles – wife,mother, hostess and career woman – she needs to be efficient and quick, while keeping an eye on all the different needs of her family. This book has recipes which will allow you to rush into your kitchen, pick up available
ingredients of your choice and rustle up a tasty, nutritive, wholesome, jhatpat, ‘meal in minutes’!
ISBN 9788178694481
Binding Paperback
Manufacturer Snab Publishers
Weight 60g

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