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Mexican food is full of colour and flavour. It is one of the oldest cuisines of the western world and adapts itself well to everyday as well as party cooking. Talking of Mexican food, one usually thinks of burritos and nachos, but there is much more to this fascinating cuisine!

Mexican Vegetarian Cooking (E-Book Also Available)

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Vegetarian food is popular in Mexico. They cultivate a wide range of vegetables. They have several varieties of capsicums, chillies, pumpkins, avocados, green beans etc. Many of these vegetables which are eaten today, have been introduced to us by the Mexicans. Corn is their staple food. There is a wide section on vegetarian food. Must try are the burritos, tortizza, chimichangas! Most Mexican main dishes are made with tortillas. The difference lies in filling, folding & cooking as explained later.
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