Refreshing Mocktails - English, Paperback

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Wondering how to chill out this season? Here are great recipes, too easy to be true, to delight you! All you need are a few common ingredients to churn out the most exotic drinks you have always desired.

Refreshing Mocktails - English (E-Book Also Available)

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The run of the mill - lemonades, squashes and aerated drinks, have not only lost their old-world charm but have altogether become too dull to brighten up the hot summer days. Nowadays, a varied variety of ready-made fruit juices, fruit crushes, coconut milk, coconut water and fresh fruits are available in the market. The catch is ‑ how can you combine them to get something really refreshing and fascinating!
Author Nita Mehta
ISBN 9788178693132
Binding Paperback
Weight 90g
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