Indian Vegetarian Favourites

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The true art of Indian cooking lies in the subtle use and variation of spices which makes each dish exotic and an exciting new experience. The best Indian dishes are a clever blend of exotic spices, delicate herbs and vegetables.

Indian Vegetarian Favourites (E-Book Also Available)

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Indian curries are delicious and can be prepared with just a few simple ingredients. The secret of producing these aromatic delicacies is adding the right ingredient at the right time, thus following the correct sequence of cooking.

Pulses and lentils (Dals) form an important part of a vegetarian Indian meal. Aromatic cumin seeds dropped in hot oil and cooked on low heat till golden, added to pulses, change them completely. On the other hand, if the cumin seeds get burnt, a mess is produced. The book explains very clearly, how to flavour your pulses the right way!

The vegetables are eaten with rice or Indian breads (roti). Exotic biryaanis and pulaos prepared from Indian basmati rice, flavoured with magical spices like fennel seeds, cinnamon sticks and cardamom pods, are all explained simply.
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