Vegetarian Microwave Cookbook (English)

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The recipes have been adapted to suit the Indian palate. This book covers a range of vegetarian recipes, starting from starters to soups to main course Indian, Continental, Chinese and Thai dishes.

Vegetarian Microwave Cookbook (English) (E-Book Also Available)

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Cooking with microwave energy, is different from the conventional cooking. Microwaves are a form of high frequency electromagnetic waves which penetrate the food and execute the molecules inside, to vibrate at high speed. This causes friction and heat is produced thereby cooking the food very fast. The vitamins, the natural aroma and juices are retained, which invariably tends to get lost in conventional cooking. As the food is cooked in its own juices, very little oil or fat is used in cooking.
Author Nita Mehta
ISBN 9788178690698
Binding Hardcover
Weight 300g
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