Amchoor Powder

NM_Amchoor Powder
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  • Amchoor powder helps to fight acidity and boost the process of digestion. It helps to deal with digestive issue, constipation, regular bowl movement.
  • It is rich in iron. It is always suggested women to include mango in their diet.
  • Amchoor powder has abundant Vitamin E. Its essential to keep our eyes & skin healthy.
  • It cleanses the pores, removes dirt, oil and pollution leaving your skin healthy, young and beautiful.
  • Its richness of antioxidant boosts metabolism which in turn helps weight loss.

Citrusy, tangy, and light gold in color, amchoor is widely used in the samosas, pakoras, chutneys, and pickles of North Indian cuisine. To make Amchoor Powder, unripe mangoes are harvested early, dried, then pulverized. This powder is a fine way to enjoy the flavor and nutritional benefits of mangoes when they are out of season.

Manufacturer Nita Mehta Foods
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