OatsI have great respect for this grain!

Look at its benefits: High in soluble fiber. Contains vitamin E and some B vitamins, as well as iron and calcium. They help in weight loss, lowering blood sugar level and also reduce risk of heart diseases.

How to incorporate oats in your diet?

Add oats to your snacks/meals...add to besan chillahs for breakfast, mix it with your aloo tikki, enrich your shakes & smoothies with oats, add a handful when frying pakoras for kadhi.

How much oats to eat per serving?

3 tbsp of uncooked oats to be had per serving as after being cooked it becomes a small bowl to enjoy. Also oats have a good calorie content, so portion size is important.

Chef's Tip:- add right amount of water to your oats poridge, as overcooking due to extra water, makes it slimy. You may add fruits, nuts, honey, jaggery to it.