Super foods are foods which are nutritionally dense and good for one's health.

Example: quinoa, blueberries, chia seeds, green tea, broccoli, strawberries, eggs, beans, oats, nuts, micro greens, beetroot etc.

Salads - can be served as an appetizer, accompaniment or as a main course. It should be crisp, colorful, refreshing and delicious. Sauces used for salads are often called 'dressings, which are categorized into two Basic types:

1. Vinaigrette base dressing-oil and vinegar base.

2. Creamy dressing-mayonnaise, ranch, sour cream.... A good salad may include salad greens, vegetables, a portion of protein-cheese, tofu, quinoa, chicken, lentils, sprouts, egg etc and to add more nutrition and taste to it; some healthy nuts.


There are certain super foods which are gaining popularity these days: 'Quinoa' is one of them. Quinoa pronounced as 'keen-wah' is a grain crop that is grown for its edible seeds. It is a seed which is prepared and eaten similarly to grain. It is gluten free, complete protein and really healthy to have. Wonderful for a Low-Carb Diet. I add quinoa to my salads to moke it extremely delicious and healthy.

HOW TO BUY AND USE QUINOA: There are many varieties of quinoa available in the market, red, white, black... white variety is preferred for flavour comparatively to others. Before you cook quinoa it is very important to rinse quinoa thoroughly in a fine-mesh soup strainer, this helps remove its bitterness if any. Quinoa is cooked with 2.5-3 times water added to it. A little salt and lemon juice added to it when boiling it in water, enhances its taste. Look for tiny white tails or sprouts germinating from the seeds, when cooked properly.

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