Besan 200g - 100% Natural & Fresh BESAN

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  • 100% NATURAL AND GLUTEN FREE: Wheafree Besan is made from 100 percent chana dal and is certified gluten free. At Wheafree, after machine sieving/ segregating and manual scrutiny, chana dal is grinded in a 100% dedicated gluten free environment and is lab tested
  • RICH IN FIBER AND DIABETIC FRIENDLY: Wheafree Besan is rich in fibre which keeps the cholesterol levels under control, helps in proper functioning of the heart, healthy blood circulation and improved digestive system
  • Most of the fat contained in Besan, about 70%, are healthy unsaturated fats, which helps to lower the cholesterol levels.
  • AIDS IN WEIGHT LOSS: Wheafree Besan helps you burn your calories faster because of their low GI. Include Besan in your daily diet to boost your fat burning and increase the nutritional level.
100% Premium Quality Chickpea Flour Wheafree Besan is made from high quality Chana Dal and has an earthy aroma making it a versatile kitchen flour. Sweet & Savoury Dishes Prepare with ease and indulge in your favourite sweet and savoury dishes, now at home with Wheafree Besan. This super fine flour is binding in nature and absorbs minimum oil, use it make fitters, ladoos, dhokla, halwa etc. Besan is made by grinding pure Chana Dal. It is also known as chickpea flour or gram flour. Besan is a staple in Indian homes and is used in almost every cuisine across the length and breadth of the country. Wheafree Besan has an earthy aroma and is made from high-quality chana dal, this makes our Besan a versatile kitchen flour. Besan is a super fine flour that has a binding nature and absorbs minimum oil while cooking, this makes it a key ingredient in batters while preparing several sweet and savoury snacks and dishes. Wheafree Besan is a gluten free flour which is loaded with health benefits and should be included in your everyday diet.
Manufacturer Nita Mehta Foods
Weight 200g
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