Breakfast Recipes- Vegetarian

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A nourishing breakfast makes a good start to the day. Breakfast literally
means breaking the night’s fast, ending the long gap in the intake of
food since dinner time. Being on an empty stomach for long hours has disastrous effects on your body – similar to trying to run the car
on an empty tank!

Breakfast Recipes - Vegetarian (E-Book Also Available)

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However, children and adults find all kinds of excuses for skipping breakfast. If one person is “sleeping off”, another is rushing to work
or school. Someone may say “I simply have no time” another may
say “ I just don’t feel hungry in the mornings.”

When we skip breakfast, we also miss out on the relaxation that a meal should bring. In my family, breakfast is an important meal. We sit down and enjoy our breakfast. These 15 minutes of togetherness early in the morning bring us closer to each other. One way to gather the family around the breakfast table is to provide variety and excitement in the foods you serve – here is a large selection that will please every age group!
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