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SNAB has already established a foot hold in the export market as the cookbooks are supplied to various countries of the world. We are open to any export enquiries for our cookery books from companies across the globe who are into similar trade. We would be happy to cater to any requirements of books in bulk from any part of the world. Samples of the books can be sent on request.

Special Cookbooks

We have developed a series of Microwave cookbooks for various models of LG Microwaves.


We have developed a 'Diabetes Cookbook" which is co-published and distributed by Times Group Books (a subsidiary of the Times of India Group).



We have developed recipes and published a cookbook titled "Vegit" Snacks for Children" for VEGIT (a brand of Merino Industries Ltd). The book features a range of potato based snacks for children using pre-cooked potato flakes which when mixed with water can be used instead of boiled potatoes.

For a Non stick cook ware company called Kitchen Chef we have developed a Zero Oil cookbook titled Zero Oil Recipes by Nita Mehta.







 We have also published exclusive cookbooks for companies (corporates) which help to promote their product. For a U.K. based Paneer manufacturing company we developed a special paneer cookbooks titled Nita Mehta’s Exotic cooking with Sugam Paneer. The book has around 75 recipes of paneer dishes which teaches the reader various ways to use paneer.

We have co-published a range of cookbooks with DEPOT (Pantaloon Retail India Ltd) which are sold in Big Bazaar stores all over India.

For Quaker Oats (a brand of Fritolays) we have developed of range of recipes (Indian and Continental) using Quaker Oats. This book shows the versatility of oats providing that oats are not restricted as being just cereals.

Similarly, we have developed a Microwave cookbook titled Nita Mehta’s IFB Microwave cookbook for IFB Industries Limited.

We have co-published some of our bestselling cookbook into Arabic. Our publishing partner in this endeavour is Jarir Book Store.

For Dollar stores in Canada, we have published 18 cookbook having international cuisine which have sold over half a million copies.

Many more such projects are in the pipeline.